Ankita Raina Biography: Indian Tennis Star’s Journey

Ankita Raina has amazed people around the globe with her tennis skills. She plays with her right hand and focuses on doubles. With over $778,312 in winnings, she’s a top player from India.

Key Takeaways

  • Ankita Raina is an Indian professional tennis player and has been the Indian number one in both singles and doubles since 2018.
  • She has won one title on the WTA Tour and one WTA 125 tournament (both in doubles), along with 11 singles and 25 doubles titles on the ITF Circuit.
  • Raina has won gold medals in the women’s singles and mixed-doubles events at the 2016 South Asian Games, and a bronze medal in singles at the 2018 Asian Games.
  • She is one of only two women representing India who have won a WTA Tour-level title.
  • Raina has notable wins over top players such as Samantha Stosur, Sabine Lisicki, Sara Errani, and Barbora Strýcová.

The Early Years: A Passion Ignited

At five, Ankita Raina started her tennis journey in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with her brother Ankur. Her journey was sparked by her family’s love for the game. This early start led her to become a key figure in Indian tennis.

Born to Play: Ankita’s Introduction to Tennis

Ankita Raina found her love for tennis early on in Ahmedabad. She was fascinated by the sport at the age of five. Her brother and parents cheered her on, helping her chase her tennis dreams.

Moving to Pune: Training Under Hemant Bendrey

When Ankita was 14, she and her family moved to Pune because of her tennis success in Melbourne. She trained with coach Hemant Bendrey at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana. This move was crucial in her journey to the top of Indian tennis.

Her move to Pune was a big moment as it marked her intense training under Bendrey. This phase set the base for her future victories. It showed that she was on the right path to success in tennis.

Rising Through the Ranks

Ankita Raina has moved up in the world of professional tennis steadily. She started in 2009 and found early success slow on the ITF Circuit. But over time, her hard work and consistently good play have paid off.

Breakthrough Performances on the ITF Circuit

In 2012, Raina’s career saw a big boost when she won her first pro singles title in New Delhi. That same year, she won three doubles titles, showing her skills in both areas. As time passed, Raina kept playing on the ITF Women’s Circuit, getting better and gathering wins.

In 2018, Raina’s hard work paid off in a big way. She won a $25k title, and more importantly, became the first Indian to enter the top-200 WTA rankings. This was proof of her steady rise, thanks to her shining performances on the ITF Circuit.

Becoming India’s No. 1 Singles and Doubles Player

Raina’s position as India’s tennis star was cemented in 2018 at the Asian Games. She won the bronze medal in singles, only the second Indian woman to do so, after Sania Mirza. That year, she also became both India’s top singles and doubles player, showing her growth and power in tennis.

Raina’s journey reflects a steady rise powered by her efforts and standout performances. Her climb to the top of Indian tennis inspires others to chase their tennis dreams. She has set a strong example for future Indian tennis stars to follow.

“It was one of my dreams to be the number one player in India, and I’m really happy that I’ve been able to achieve that.”

– Ankita Raina, in an interview with The Daily Guardian

Ankita Raina Biography: Trailblazing Achievements

Ankita Raina has made her mark in Indian tennis with many great achievements. Her hard work has made her one of the top tennis stars in India.

She has won big in the WTA Tour and WTA 125 tournaments in doubles. Not just that, she has won 11 singles and 25 doubles titles on the ITF. Her tennis skills are truly exceptional.

She proudly represents India in the Fed Cup (Billie Jean King Cup). Her record is 33 wins and 29 losses. Raina has beaten top players like Samantha Stosur and Sabine Lisicki.

In 2016, Raina won gold in both singles and mixed doubles at the South Asian Games. Then, in 2018, she got a bronze in the singles at the Asian Games. This made her the second Indian ever to win in singles at this big event.

Raina’s hard work and talent have taken her to great places. She is not only a great role model but also an inspiration for young tennis players in India.

Overcoming Challenges: Determination and Perseverance

Getting to the top in Indian tennis was hard for Ankita Raina. She faced financial problems from a young age. Her family couldn’t easily pay for her to compete in international games or go to training camps. This became a big issue for them.

When Raina was a teenager, she had to travel to matches alone. She carried her heavy sports gear and explored new places by herself. She didn’t have much money or support. This made her very strong and focused.

Financial Struggles and Solitary Journeys

Even though money was tight, Raina never gave up on tennis. Her family and the Government of Gujarat helped her as much as they could. She also worked hard to get opportunities to play at a high level.

Traveling alone taught Raina to be independent. She shared, “I remember carrying heavy bags and equipment on my own, navigating through airports and new cities. It was tough, but it made me stronger and more able to handle challenges.”

Breaking into the Top 200: A Milestone Moment

In 2018, Raina made it to the top 200 players in the WTA rankings, reaching a best of 181. She was the fifth Indian woman to do this. This showed everyone her hard work and determination paid off.

The help Raina now gets from the government and sponsors is very important. As she aims for the Olympics and Grand Slam wins, she teaches us a lot about not giving up.

“I remember carrying heavy bags and equipment on my own, navigating through airports and new cities. It was challenging, but it also taught me to be resilient and adaptable.”

Ankita Raina’s life shows us all the power of keeping on, no matter the obstacles. Even with financial troubles and traveling alone, she keeps showing how strong she is. She’s a great inspiration for young tennis players in India and all over the world.

The Olympian Dream: Tokyo 2020

Ankita Raina’s dream came true when she got to play at Tokyo 2020. She played women’s doubles with Sania Mirza. This was a big moment showing her hard work.

The way to Tokyo was hard for Ankita. She faced money problems and had to juggle tennis and life. But, she stayed strong and focused on her Olympic dream.

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Representing India on the Biggest Stage

Ankita found Tokyo 2020 a big step in her journey. Even though she and Sania lost early, they proudly flew India’s flag. This showed the world India’s strength in tennis.

“Stepping onto the court at the Tokyo Olympics was a dream come true. The energy and excitement of the event were truly inspiring, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to represent my country on such a grand stage.”

Ankita’s story is inspiring. She overcame money issues and kept her dream alive. Her first Olympics sets a path for more Indian star athletes to shine worldwide.

Beyond the Court: Ankita Raina’s Personal Life

Ankita Raina is a shining star on the tennis court. But her life is more than just tennis. She is a rounded person, interested in many things.

Inspirations and Role Models

Ankita looks up to tennis’s greatest. She admires players like Roger Federer and Serena Williams from across the world. She’s also inspired by the success and character of Sania Mirza from India.

These players have not only won big but also shown class. They inspire Ankita with their effort, fair play, and life off the court.

Ankita Raina’s dedication to training and her aggressive baseline style have helped her rise through the ranks of Indian tennis, similar to the dominance displayed by Serena Williams (Serena Williams Biography)

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Hobbies and Interests

  • In her free time, Ankita Raina enjoys exploring the outdoors and visiting new places.
  • She loves movies and often watches them with friends.
  • Raina speaks several languages, including Hindi and English. This shows how well she connects with different people.
  • Her favorite food is Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri dish. She doesn’t eat it often because she’s careful about her diet as a top athlete.

She not only succeeds in tennis but also in her studies. She’s a graduate from a college in Pune, showing her dedication to growth.

Ankita Raina playing tennis
Ankita Raina playing tennis

“I’ve always been inspired by the greats of the game, like Federer, Nadal, and Serena. They’ve shown that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything.”

Ankita Raina isn’t just a star on the court. She loves many things. She’s an athlete and a well-rounded individual, just like the heroes she looks up to.

The Future Ahead: Continuing the Ascent

Ankita Raina’s journey keeps getting better. She’s working on her serve and her body and mind for tennis. Her dream is to do well in the Grand Slam and get a gold medal at the Asian Games.

Raina’s career is going up. She works hard with her coaches and team. She shows her best against great players like Jelena Ostapenko.

With strong goals and hard work, Raina inspires many. We look forward to her future victories in tennis. She’s making a big mark for women’s tennis in India.


What is Ankita Raina’s playing style?

Ankita Raina is a right-handed player. She’s known for her strong baseline play and serves. Also, she does well in doubles matches.

What are Ankita Raina’s notable achievements?

She’s won a title on the WTA Tour and a WTA 125 tournament in doubles events. On the ITF Circuit, she has 11 singles and 25 doubles titles. Ankita has played for India’s team in the Fed Cup (Billie Jean King Cup). She has impressive wins against top players. Including medals, like gold at the 2016 South Asian Games. And a bronze in singles at the 2018 Asian Games.

How did Ankita Raina’s journey begin?

Ankita was born in Ahmedabad. She started tennis at age five, inspired by her elder brother. At 14, she moved to Pune for professional training. There she worked with coach Hemant Bendrey at the PYC Hindu Gymkhana.

What were the challenges Ankita Raina faced in her journey?

Her family faced money problems, which made sport support hard. As a teenager, she traveled alone for matches with heavy gear. She got support from Gujarat Government and ONGC. But her family’s hard work mattered a lot.

How did Ankita Raina become India’s number one in singles and doubles?

Raina’s hard work showed results with a high world ranking. In 2018, she became one of India’s top five WTA players. She’s been top in India in both singles and doubles since then.

How did Ankita Raina’s dream of competing at the Olympics come true?

She dreamt of the Olympics and got to Tokyo 2020. Paired with Sania Mirza, they competed in women’s doubles. Though they lost early, it was a dream come true for Raina.

What are Ankita Raina’s future goals and aspirations?

Raina wants to better her game, focusing on her serve and physical and mental strength. She aims to play more Grand Slam matches and win at the Asian Games.

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